I’m really glad that you have found this web page.

Let me quickly explain what is it all about.

Around 3 years ago I finally discovered why did I have a lot of stomach problems. For the most of my life I thought that it is normal to “sit on the throne” 6 or 7 times a day… Sorry for the details but it is just the way it is. When all the tests were over my doctor told me that I have gluten intolerance. OK. Not a problem for me. I quickly changed my diet and I was reborn. The beginning was not easy but since I quit smoking then why not quit eating bread, noodles etc. It was not that difficult but it took me a while before I found the proper gluten-free replacements.
But this not about me. It is about all the travelers which seek to find a good gluten-free hotel so that they can have a convenient breakfast without worrying about gluten. I do not have coeliac disease but while visiting my doctor I’ve met a lot of people with it and I know it is not a joke. This page is for all this people but not only. If you want travel easily and would like to find a gluten-free hotel then is not going to be simple. Big search engines do not care about our diet and even if somebody should check is the hotel a part of coeliac association or any other organization which would confirm that their food is ok.
This is why I need your help. If you know any of such places which would not be listed here then please let me know about it. In the process of developing this page I will add a contact form so that we can communicate easier. I hope we can build this site together.
Ok, so let’s go on and I really hope that you will like this page 🙂

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