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We’ve checked thousands of gluten free hotels worldwide to help you find the best place for your stay!

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This website was created to help all the travelers to easily find gluten free hotels . For many people and especially with celiac disease it is a real struggle to find a comfortable place to stay. 
This place is supposed to make life easier for such people – like me and you 🙂


Our database will show you where to find gluten free hotels.
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Is this site FREE?

Yes. This site is for free for all the users.  
Help us maintain it this way and use our links.

How we make money?

Because we have to pay for the hosting and site development this site uses affiliate links and advertisements.

Can I book a hotel here?

No. This site provides with information which hotels are gluten free. 

Before we add any hotel we carefully check is it listed on any of the celiac websites but sometimes hotels change their offer without informing us about it.

Because of this we strongly recommend that you check the hotel website before booking any of gluten free hotels that we have listed here.

This is site is organized in such a way that we post one page for each city of the world. You can use categories to navigate through countries. You can also use the search bar and simply type in the city where you would like to find gluten free hotels.

Basic info

We provide basic information about gluten free hotels like location, address etc.

Easy links

Every page contains easy widgets which you can use to check current hotel prices.

Hotellok engine

This site uses Hotellook search engine to check  gluten free hotel prices

User reviews

People who used this site and left a feedback about it

Martha Grey

"Planning a family trip is now a lot easier with this site. Thanks Michael”

Anna Buzowsky

"I have celiac disease and it was always a challenge to find a reliable place where I could check hotel prices...”

Isabelle Richards

"This site is amazing with so many gluten free hotels in one place I really save tons of time”

We've gathered in one place all the gluten free hotels which we could find 🙂

You can be a part of this site. If you know a gluten free hotel which is not listed here please let us know about it. We will review it and update our database to help other people find it. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

This website was created by me 🙂 My name ic Michael Rewers and I live in Poland. I have strong gluten intolerance but I do not have celiac disease (luckily). I was 36 years old when I discovered that I have gluten intolerance which I had for most of my life. It was really hard to find reasons for my constant stomach problems but I finally know. In the process I’ve met many people with celiac disease and I know how dangerous it can be for this people to be exposed to gluten. I noticed that they have a lot of problems to find a gluten free hotel so I decided to create this site. I hope you will like it. If you do then I would appreciate if you would use the links inside to book a gluten free hotel once you will find a nice place for yourself. This will help me and I will get a small amount of money from the booking site. This way I can pay for hosting and website. In case you will have any questions you can always use a contact form at the end of this page.

“Gluten free hotels” website is free of charge for all the users. I do not ask for any fee or charge extra money. The whole principle is to help you find the best gluten free hotel for yourself and your family. That’s it.

No. Not possible. This site shows gluten free hotels listed by cities but if you want to book a room you have to follow the site links. You will be redirected to our partner search engine.

Currently we have a few partners which are Hotellok (meta search engine),, and a few more. This sited provide me with the IT tools to check gluten free hotel prices directly on this site.